Queenstown Master Builder

We're proud of being a Master Builder - this badge is earned, not bought. 

Bill Wright is a Master Builder, registered and accredited by the Master Builders organisation - that's the stamp at the top of our website.  

"Becoming a Master Builder involved being appraised for skills qualifications and reputation." Says Bill.  "It's tough and I am glad they don't just let anyone join.  I have 35 years in the industry and so this demonstrates indepedent verification of being the experienced builder our clients need and want to hire."

Guaranteed Building Work

Being a Master Builder means we offer a 10-year Registered Master Builders guarantee to all of our customers.  You won't get this from some others.

And you also know that we stay informed on new building innnovations, health and safety and best practice too.  Bill was at a Health And Safety training event in June about the recent changes in New Zealand law.  This ensures you are buying building quality accross the board.

Don't take our word for it - read our customer testimonials.

Believe what our customers say - and if you'd like to check the Map which shows where we work and we can introduce you to happy clients for a private check-up on our recent credentials.


Queenstown Master Builder