New en suite bathroom for Butel Park, Arrowtown

This client owns one of the new properties in Butel Park, Arrowtown.  When they were considering the layout of the home, Howard and Clare Rainbow decided that they would sacrifice one of the large bathrooms and change it into an en suite shower room for one of the bedrooms plus a separate bathroom.  

Take a look at the photos where you can see the early work as the COB Construction team masked up all the rooms and prepared surfaces for the work.  

Careful preparation work before building a new bathroomThe second photo shows how carpets are covered and adjacent rooms masked over to prevent building dust travelling through the house.

Finished new bathroom and en suite shower roomThe old bathroom shown from inside the en suite.

And now the End Result

Take a look at these photos including the finished room from both sides.... lovely!



The net result was a rapt client.

We had no reservations about hiring Cob Construction, as Bill had done work for us previously.  And once again he did a terrific job for us. We would definitely recommend Cob Construction due to Bill's building knowledge, experience and work ethic.