How far does COB Construction go for its clients?

At COB Construction, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Tight deadlines and tricky schedules are not a problem and we will work to suit you! For The Studio, all we needed was a weekend!

The Studio Physio and Pilates were looking to renovate part of their facility to incorporate an additional treatment room, without having a significant impact on the studio space itself. Due to their heavy occupancy throughout the week, the only time we had to complete their renovations was between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening – a deadline with a total timeframe of 40 hours!

We rearranged the studio to accommodate a third treatment room. This required removing and relocating the dividing wall between the reception entrance and the studio, installing a dwarf wall (1100mm high) with bench top, which allowed accessed to the treatment rooms without invading the studio space. Then we gibbed and painted everything during the downtime at the studio.

We worked tirelessly from start to finish to ensure we had as little impact on The Studio’s operation as possible.

With COB Construction, it’s not just a question of doing a good job, it’s about making the process as pleasant and painless for the client as possible.