Building Solutions With A Personal Touch

Making a house feel like a home is something we all spend endless amounts of time working towards. Which makes sense - it’s where we spend a huge amount of our time, right? Sometimes your home just needs a little personal touch to really complete it. Say, a Peruvian throw rug on the sofa, a china elephant from India or in Steve’s case, a custom-built entertainment unit for his living area.

Steve wanted something that would complement the room without sacrificing functionality or viewing pleasure. Knowing what a great job Bill does improving homes around the Queenstown area, Steve turned to him for guidance.

Being the skilled craftsman that he is, Bill was able to come up with a design for an entertainment unit that would meet Steve’s demands and integrate seamlessly with his home.

Check out the result:











An example of Bill’s unquestionable skill and precision, Steve was thoroughly impressed with the final product.

“I’m so glad I got Bill to build my entertainment unit. I was going to have a crack at doing it myself, but I knew I’d forever be disappointed with the result.  Instead I’m enjoying Bill’s quality craftsmanship. He built it in super quick time, with every care and attention to detail. The price was spot on too.  I would highly recommend Bill - no question about it.”

Steve – Client

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