New en suite bathroom for Butel Park, Arrowtown

This client owns one of the new properties in Butel Park, Arrowtown.  When they were considering the layout of the home, Howard and Clare Rainbow decided that they would sacrifice one of the large bathrooms and change it into an en suite shower room for one of the bedrooms plus a separate bathroom.  

Building Solutions With A Personal Touch

Making a house feel like a home is something we all spend endless amounts of time working towards. Which makes sense - it’s where we spend a huge amount of our time, right? Sometimes your home just needs a little personal touch to really complete it. Say, a Peruvian throw rug on the sofa, a china elephant from India or in Steve’s case, a custom-built entertainment unit for his living area.

How far does COB Construction go for its clients?

At COB Construction, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Tight deadlines and tricky schedules are not a problem and we will work to suit you! For The Studio, all we needed was a weekend!

The Studio Physio and Pilates were looking to renovate part of their facility to incorporate an additional treatment room, without having a significant impact on the studio space itself. Due to their heavy occupancy throughout the week, the only time we had to complete their renovations was between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening – a deadline with a total timeframe of 40 hours!

Park St, Queenstown

This home, due to poor quality workmanship when it was initially built, had suffered a large amount of water damage. The wooden deck leading up to the front entrance had been built using a poor quality waterproofing product. This lead to extensive leaking into the living area situated below.

As this property was for sale on the market, there was a huge amount of pressure to find a builder at short notice to get the repairs done.

Margaret Place, Queenstown

If you are looking for new tenants in your commercial property, sometimes you can get away with a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture.

For this case however, the building owner realised that a proper refurbishment was required in order to make the property more attractive to prospective tenants.

You have a great home and love where you are, but your needs and preferences have likely changed since you first moved in. You may be looking to capitalise on that breath-taking view, accommodate the needs of a growing family or simply give your home a fresh, modern update.

Building a new home is an exciting process, but it can also be a stressful one for you. Costly mistakes, poor workmanship or unreliable subcontractors can turn your dream into a nightmare.