About Cob Construction

Bill Wright has been building in Australia and New Zealand for over 35 years. Originally from Wellington, he has spent the majority of his career working in Sydney, returning to Wellington in 2004 and then moved to Queenstown in 2008. Bill has been a NZ LBP since 2012 and is a registered Master Builder.


A great deal of Bill’s experience comes from home renovations in the Greater Sydney area. Due to the commonly cramped housing styles in Sydney, Bill discovered he would need to think and plan his projects differently to previous jobs he had worked on. These situations mean he has developed a much more efficient and pragmatic working style, which is a serious advantage for his clients. Having worked between New Zealand and Australia, Bill has acquired a wealth of experience in building techniques used in the two countries, from renovations of heritage homes to new buildings.


Bill’s specialisation and preference are for renovation projects. They require more skill and precision than a new building, because the new addition needs to integrate seamlessly with the existing building. His work is meticulous, so that even the original builders have had to do a “double take” before they realised the extension was in fact not part of their original building!

The challenge of working in buildings where people are already living, requires you to work smarter and faster, which clients appreciate.

Customer First

Bill’s attitude towards his work is always to put the client first. In order to give you the best possible attention, he prefers to handle projects one at a time. Bill believes in having an open and transparent relationship with his clients, which ensures the whole project runs smoothly.

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